Frequenty Asked Questions

What is HyipCore?
HyipCore is a High Yield Investment Program monitoring and referral builder Site.
How does the referral builder work?
Referral builder is a service that allows you to promote all your referral links to multiple hyips with a single HyipCore link. Just register, login and go to "Edit Reflinks" in the members area and key in your unique referral or affiliate ID for each site that is listed. After that all you have to do is promote your hyipcore referral link. Then when someone comes to, they will view the hyip lists normally but the outgoing links on each listed hyip will have YOUR referral link to the respective hyips. Hence it increases your chances of earning from Referral comission.
What is favorite sites?
Favorites are chosen by you in the more info section and can also be managed in the members area. This is to sort out the sites in the front end based on your favorites.
How does the advertising work?
There are 2 kinds of advertising; Banner ads which has 4 locations and sticky advertising that has 1 location. We use a randomization algorithm to ensure all advertisers get equal exposure for each advertisement. Banner advertising appears site-wide with an exception for table banner ads. Sticky advertisement only appears on the frontpage but the trade-off is that it has a prime advertising location and ad effectiveness.
Do We offer paid monitoring/inclusion?
Yes we do. To be included in our list of hyips, you will need to fill up the form in the Add a Site page. When your hyip is approved it will appear on the list of hyip sites with the monitoring status : Yes. It will be placed above other sites under default sorting.
Is there free monitoring?
Yes. Sometimes we add sites that are already listed in other monitors. These sites will have the Monitored status of "NO", but will contain HyipCore's referral link.