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Referral Contest

  Posted in HyipCoreInvestellect by Admin at 23:00 pm, 11-Sep-2017
Investellect is proud to announce that we are going

Hello members, We have very exciting news for you. Investellect is proud to announce that we are going to hold our first referral contest. All Investellect members are welcome to participate in the contest. The referral contest will begin today, on September 10th, 2017, and will continue until October 1st, 2017. In fact, we will be holding two separate contests. Winners of the contests will be determined from the following criteria. --------------------------------------------------------------- FIRST CONTEST - WINNING CRITERIA, DETAILS & PRIZE --------------------------------------------------------------- -Member must refer 10 or more people to Investellect. -Member must have at least 10 ACTIVE (with an active deposit) referrals. -At least 6 referrals must invest an amount of $600 or more. -Only new referrals introduced during the contest period will count. -There is no limit on the number of winners. If many members meet the winning criteria each of them will be announced a winner. -Each winner will be given a cash prize of $1500. -The contest will last for a three full weeks – from September 10th, 2017 to October 1st, 2017. -The winner(s) will be announced only after the contest period ends. ----------------------------------------------------------------- SECOND CONTEST - WINNING CRITERIA, DETAILS & PRIZE ----------------------------------------------------------------- -Member must refer 25 or more people to Investellect. -Member must have at least 25 ACTIVE (with an active deposit) referrals. -There is no requirement on the minimum deposit amount for the referrals but not less than $25. -Only new referrals introduced during the contest period will count. -Only ONE winner will be selected in this contest. -The winner is person who is the FIRST to meets the winning criteria of this contest. -The winner will get a cash prize of $800. -The contest will last for a three full weeks – from September 10th, 2017 to October 1st, 2017 -The will be announced only after the contest period ends. Both contests will be held separately which means that you can participate and win in both. The account in popular social networks such us: Facebook , VK, Google+ or Twitter is desirable, but not essential. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/investellect.ltd/ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/781684582010365/ VK Page: https://vk.com/investellectltd Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/InvestellectLTD Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+InvestellectLTD We strictly caution our members against any attempts to create advantages for themselves in the contests through referring themselves or creating fake accounts. Such actions will be considered as abuse and will not be tolerated in any case. In case of such cases we reserve the right to take counter actions with negative consequences to the wrongdoers. The contest begins RIGHT NOW! Take part in the contest and try to win up to $2,300 in your preferred e-ccurency – Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, AdvCash or Payza Thank you for staying with us, Investellect – Force of Experience is remaining the greatest opportunity in the industry

Representatives program

  Posted in HyipCoreCrypto Center by Admin at 00:18 am, 06-Sep-2017
We invite all active investors to participate

Hello Dear Investors and Guests, From today, representatives program starts! We invite all active investors to participate. The requirements for obtaining a status are extremely simple: you need to be an active investor with a deposit of at least $100 and have attracted partners with a total amount of at least $500. To receive Representative status, please contact us via e-mail: admin@cryptocenter.biz What are the advantages of representatives? You can become an official representative and awarded with a higher commission - 8% by the first level, 3% by the second level. The third level remains unchanged - 1%. What responsibilities do representatives have? Representatives need to help their partners, advise them on various issues and also engage in attracting new partners

500 days online

  Posted in HyipCoreCryptosolutions by Admin at 14:13 pm, 22-Aug-2017
clients of the CryptoSolutions PTY Limited

Dear visitors and clients of the CryptoSolutions PTY Limited company. Our hard work on providing worthy conditions of investing for all customers of the company shows steadily good results during os the very long time. Today we celebrate 500 days from the moment of the beginning of work of the investment program from the CryptoSolutions PTY Limited company online. This is the solid achievement, which establishes the new standards of an investment process. We have reached this level of quality together with you, dear investors. It is enough to tell that for these five hundred days of excellent online working, our investors have become over 9,000 people, who invested $3,965,991 in our company and at the same time already today they have received profit over $772,268. We steadily and effectively prove our consistency of our investment strategy, constantly moving ahead, having improving our services. The company’s Management of is sure, that consolidating joint efforts and developing together, we will be able to develop for many years and to become stronger day by day! We congratulate all investors on this date and we express gratitude for trust and cooperation. Yours faithfully, CryptoSolutions PTY Limited team

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