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Spring with Zooo Proprietary Limited

  Posted in HyipCoreZooo by Admin at 15:22 pm, 22-Mar-2017
We are pleased to address you with

Good Day members, We are pleased to address you with a greeting from the Spring of 2017, 2 years after the commencement of our online work and the discovery of high-yield opportunities of green technologies and innovative investments for the entire world. Welcome to the season when the cycle of nature begins a delightful path of rebirth and growth. Third year of our successful online presence. Here, in Australia, where Zooo.cc is located, it is almost not felt. However, our investment strategy unites capital from all over the world. Offering up to 14% of revenue per day and accepting even $50 for placement (PM, Bitcoin, AdvCash, Payeer), we have won loyalty among private and large investors from almost any country. Now loyal customers, convinced of the stability and reliability of Zooo Proprietary Limited, are actively becoming partners and representatives of our company. We have prepared for them an updated set of banners, as well as other materials that will be published in the coming days. Everyone can communicate with the staff of our company, through the website, social networks or phone. Any time. Although, we tried to make our website so simple and convenient that it could be understood by almost any person. Zooo Proprietary Limited aims not only to accelerate the evolution of humankind and solve its urgent problems. First of all, we want to unite all the free capital of the world with our strategy. And to that effect we have all the necessary resources, experience and tools. Now these tools are available to everyone. By registering on our website, you receive a unique partner link and the opportunity to follow the work of our company. We promise that it will be fascinating and we are convinced that you should not ignore this chance. We have no mandatory requirements and hidden conditions and we never will. Yours Zooo.cc team.

Data Recovery

  Posted in HyipCoreBiksbit by Admin at 16:14 pm, 21-Mar-2017
and if you had a deposit with a payment

If you had an account before the data loss on the website, and if you had a deposit with a payment system, do not worry, the money is safe. You need to request a new password, if you had a deposit from Payza, Bitcoin or Payeer, you need to request a password recovery from this payment system to your e-mail! If you had a deposit from Perfect Money, instead of the number, you need to enter your wallet PerfectMoney (UXXXX...)!!! Only the accounts registered through the payment system can be recovered. All the rest should register again! We are reminding you that bonus accruals cannot be withdrawn by those who do not have a deposit from the payment system. Referral payments are not paid to those who do not have an account through the payment system. Support service is unavailable for those who do not have an account via the payment system. All multiple accounts are deleted!

Good News

  Posted in HyipCorePokerAdv by Admin at 00:00 am, 21-Mar-2017
PokerAdv has been carefully reviewing all of

Dear members, Here are some good news! PokerAdv has been carefully reviewing all of our competitors and we have decided to change our payment plans to stay competitive in the market. We are paying since over 500 days now, and are real leaders in the online investment industry. PokerAdv is the most stable program you can find anywhere! To keep our system competitive we have introduced new investment plans, which can help your principal grow more faster and earn you a better income! Starting today the old plans are no longer available. Investments made into our old plans are still paying as usual, but from now on you can only make new investments into our new plans!

Celebrates 50,000 clients

08:27 am, 17-Mar-2017
pleasure to announce that amount of clients Read More »

80 days of successful work

13:42 pm, 14-Mar-2017
Today 80 days of our successful work online Read More »

About some delay of the website working

00:45 am, 14-Mar-2017
was have been observed the essential Read More »

The number of users reached 40k

13:29 pm, 13-Mar-2017
Our company has been increasingly growing Read More »

Guarding your investments for 11 years

23:18 pm, 12-Mar-2017
March our company celebrated another small Read More »

Mobile Banking

20:41 pm, 12-Mar-2017
Mobile Banking enables access to your accounts Read More »

5 Percent Cash-back Offer

23:35 pm, 11-Mar-2017
First of all we want to say Thank you for Read More »

Celebrating 130 Days Online

17:41 pm, 10-Mar-2017
Our investment company TP FX PRO LTD Read More »

Advcash added

00:37 am, 08-Mar-2017
We are pleased to announce that you are able starting Read More »

Happy Monday, Happy Earning

16:38 pm, 07-Mar-2017
We hope you are happy with us till now. Read More »

70 days online

21:22 pm, 04-Mar-2017
Today especially good news Read More »

The video review about our activity

15:32 pm, 27-Feb-2017
We present to your attention the video review Read More »


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