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We invite Regional Representatives

  Posted in HyipCoreSecureCapitals by Admin at 22:18 pm, 12-May-2017
listen to our members to satisfy

Hello members, We always listen to our members to satisfy all their needs. During last few days we received numerous of request for Regional Representative service, so we decided to provide you one. Anyone who shares our values, principles and is ready to take care of people can be our representative. You need to be ready to answer a lot of questions and meet with people offline who may lack trust in you. For that we offer our regional representatives a higher commission from first level (up to 8%), and we also place their information on our site. Investors get an opportunity to have live communication, including communication in their territory and in their language in order to answer all questions related to our company. The success of our business depends on the increase in the number of satisfied partners. We attract their attention by giving competitive services, as well as relevant information about them. One of the most popular is the personal recommendation. Experts agree that recommendations are one of the most effective forms of advertising, that serves as the basis of Secure Capital Funding Limited approach to growing the business. Our representatives system gives new investors a chance to ask questions to Secure Capital Funding Limited experts in their local languages and receive guidance on the entire process of making an investment, it was the best way we found to allow new investors, not used to online investments. If you have invested in Secure Capital Funding Limited for a while,have known Secure Capital Funding Limited very well, and think that Secure Capital Funding Limited is good enough, you can send a support ticket to admin@securecapitals.com to apply to become one of our representatives in your countries. If you are one of our representatives, your contact info and your referral link will be placed on Regional Representatives page. We pay the representatives of our company, it is a 3 tier structure and the commission is paid as follows: - 1st Generation affiliate gets paid 8% for any customer that becomes an Secure Capital Funding Limited investor. - 2nd Generation is anyone that was introduced by you and has successfully recruited a customer to invest with Secure Capital Funding Limited. The 1st Generation affiliate member gets paid a further 2% commission. - 3rd Generation is anyone that has successfully recruited a customer to invest Secure Capital Funding Limited . The 1st Generation affiliate gets paid a further 1%. For participation in our partner program you don't need to have your own deposit. Your earned referral commission is paid directly into your account balance and you can withdraw it at any time.

500 Regional Representatives

  Posted in HyipCoreZooo by Admin at 22:10 pm, 28-Apr-2017
pleased to inform you that the number

Good day members, We are pleased to inform you that the number of regional representatives of Zooo Proprietary Liomited has exceeded 500 people. Almost three years of stable work and development are yielding results. Step by step, payment by payment, we served one customer after another, until they checked our company and believed in it. Many of these clients became our first partners and then representatives. Now there are only 500 of them, but they are already broadcasting the Zooo.cc investment offer for residents of 80 countries! You can be one of them and fundamental part of our international company. In order to get that done it's enough to register on the website and receive a unique referral link. The rest is the mere formality. To influence your referral partner income, Zooo.cc recommends maximizing your social communications. Social networks can be the best mean for this, but sometimes even Skype or phone will do. It is only necessary to collect a maximum of information about our company, to study it, to update it regularly and to disseminate it properly and consistently. You can publish reports with payouts, the results of daily work with the site, features reviews or general video reviews. All this can be done in your own language. Send us your initiatives and we will promote them. The choice is yours. Everyone registered on the site can be our partner. More than 500 people today also took the opportunity to become the face of our company, that is to respond efficiently and patiently to inquiries related to the company. For this representatives get a tool to earn a significant additional income. However, please note that at the moment we are considering only applications that include a link to public profile on social networks, a working contact phone or an active Skype ID. The more ways to communicate with you will be provided in your representative profile, the more earning opportunities you have. The higher your activity, the more likely it is that you will take the opportunity. If you want to add or update your contacts, please contact regionalpr@zooo.cc

Celebrating 170 Days Online

  Posted in HyipCoreTP FXP PRO LTD by Admin at 17:36 pm, 20-Apr-2017
We appreciate that all of you choose TP FX PRO as the investment

Good day, all our investors! Today our investment company TP FX PRO LTD. celebrating it's 170 days since opened it's doors to worldwide investors. We appreciate that all of you choose TP FX PRO as the investment partner and we all together will achieve greater goals! Our company rapidly growing and there is a reason of it. TP FX PRO is the best option for investing your funds and growing up your capital. We would like to share with company achievement for today: - Total Invested: $11,872,843.18 - Total Withdrawn: $4,018,323.50 - Total Investors: 14188 - Global Alexa Rank: 56,762 Here is our Audience Geography Alexa TOP 3 Country: - United States - 10,574 - United Kingdom - 11,528 - Germany - 18,094 Online support available for investors, clients and customers 24/7/365. All support tickets will be answered within 6 hours or less. Don't forget that there is also available phone support. You can reach phone operator by provided phone number at our web page. You have also option to become one of our official representatives around the world. Official representative receive 5% from deposit amount of his referral. Join our representatives list already today! Visit next page to know more about official representative system: https://tp-fxpro.com/index.php?a=cust&page=representatives Our team make your dream come true. TP FX PRO daily paying stable income to investors around the world. It's reality. Join our stable investment company and reach your financial freedom tomorrow! You need to try it to believe in it. Reach your wealth already today! We build your future! Sincerely Yours, John Mayer, TP FX PRO LTD. 60 Cannon Street, London, United Kingdom, EC4N 6NP https://tp-fxpro.com

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