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Duty Taxation Department Notice

  Posted in HyipCoreStatelife by Admin at 08:28 am, 03-Feb-2016
To thank you for being a part of our filer client

Dear Customer, Happy 2016! To thank you for being a part of our filer client, we'd like to offer you an Instant withdraw after paid your tax right now . We could see you still not paid tax from last year therefore your services has been closed due to failure by you. You can get it today for & withdraw payments instantly. In a little over three years, Chief Investment Strategist Fredrick Earnest has alerted investors to 56 stocks that went on to triple-digit gains. That's around one per month on average! And recently, he's been pounding the table about five little-known stocks that could jump 1000% or more in the next 12 months because of a deal Apple just inked with China's biggest monopoly. Click here to claim your instant withdraw -- and get the names and ticker symbols of these five stocks immediately. To getting rich in 2016! WARNING: You should pay the tax before Date: Feb/07/2016 After due date your account & funds can be terminated. Statelife will not be responsible for any loss if you are not a filer. PLEASE NOTE PAYEER IS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR PAYING YOUR TAX DIRECTLY TO YOUR TAXATION LINK NEVER FORGET TO SEE IT: SOME LINK ARE STILL NOT FILLED WITH PAYEER SO IF YOU WANT TO PAY YOUR TAX WITH PAYEER JUST REPLY TO SKYPE DEPART THEY WILL ADD PAYEER TO YOUR PAGE SOON AS POSSIBLE. We love to answer your queries. For live support must contact to live skype support (skype username is taxation.statians ). Joseph Schwaller Vice President, Ministry Taxation Depart

New deposit bonuses, updated plans and other project news

  Posted in HyipCoreKsakep by Admin at 23:53 pm, 26-Dec-2015
Team ksakep.com congratulates you on the coming

Hello members, Team ksakep.com congratulates you on the coming New Year holidays and wish you in the New Year and the stability of the financial well-being! We hasten to inform you the following news: Up to 31 December inclusive * on all plans except the "Stable", the bonus of 7%. The bonus at the expense of future profits of the project, combined with a deposit and is involved in calculating the subsequent earnings. * Dates of the shares can be both prolonged and shortened (in the case of accumulation of a large amount of funds, the introduction to the work which takes time) Deposit program adjusted as follows: Added 2 new plan for asset management, which is the only difference from the previously existing, is the minimum term of deposit 12 and 20 months. Each of the Plan of Action one-time deposit bonus of 3% and 6% respectively. This bonus is possible due to cost reduction and operating stresses resulting from the withdrawal of funds from the market and return them to the investor. With the updating of the plan can be found in the section "Types of deposits" From 1 January 2016 plans to "stable" and "Stable +" will not be available for new deposits. All deposits made ​​before the deadline, will be served on the same terms. The site added a new section "Reviews" where you can get acquainted with our investors, many of whom have tested the real work of our project, and leave your opinion about the project. With respect and best wishes, the team ksakep.com

To all who believe in power & trust worthy of Statians & Sta...

  Posted in HyipCoreStatelife by Admin at 18:37 pm, 24-Dec-2015
Its above than a week ago statelife was depth in the problems

Dear members, Its above than a week ago statelife was depth in the problems of server according to the agreement with French host we got lot of losses which were downing the server each day. Now while we are up again with US host & we are started again our beneficiary activities our users can see after this bad period we are again here to serve you with possible ways. I came to hear some people who do not know true meaning of being a Statian. That Statelife is a scam,,, How foolish mind is it. Do they not see we are working for them who trust & who believe even we also giving benefits to hypocrites. While we are inviting you now to ask any queries. We love to answer your queries. For live support must contact to live skype support (skype username is yohann.hermann ). Regards Statelife.net Trust League to Statians

What Special On This Xmas For Me

23:17 pm, 14-Dec-2015
Financial & Promotional Advice for My New Statians Read More »

Xmas Suitable Plan Expire On Xmas

11:03 am, 10-Dec-2015
Financial & Promotional Advice for My New Statians Read More »

Metro AG Turbo BOOST 5 Digits

22:01 pm, 06-Dec-2015
Not only i am saying this because Statelife gave me Read More »

Representatives ATM Salary Cards

13:59 pm, 05-Dec-2015
and in an effort to live up to our mission of helping Read More »

A financial strategy you will be thankful to CEO Statelife

14:58 pm, 02-Dec-2015
spirit of giving during the holiday season Read More »

Funding process is being hold till Monday

12:24 pm, 02-Dec-2015
This is time to fund our processors account Read More »

Your Truely Your Sincere President

21:38 pm, 13-Nov-2015
You must be know something about me Read More »

Welcome to Season November 2015

23:02 pm, 11-Nov-2015
Financial years 2012 to 2015 Budget is prepared Read More »

Budget Ahead

16:39 pm, 30-Oct-2015
About the Company Financial Budget Read More »

Todays winner is who won 1500 USD

13:13 pm, 22-Oct-2015
If your withdraw is not processed instantly it means Read More »

Payment Received

08:11 am, 22-Oct-2015
I am so sorry to inform members who place withdraw Read More »

Mega Referral oppertunity

15:08 pm, 20-Oct-2015
I know you were waiting for something which make your Christmas Read More »


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