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  Posted in HyipCoreStatelife by Admin at 14:19 pm, 17-Aug-2015
I am going to write this letter to you because there are some factors that are going

Dear members, I am going to write this letter to you because there are some factors that are going to encourage me to write the true examples with 100% explanation. I ever wrote you before but today i am going to write a special letter for all STATIANS, Almost upto 0.75 Million people who are directly or indirectly became Statians, & today they are enjoying lot of profits. I am sure there some hypocrites are also reading this who were writing shamful news to discourage our investors, I want to explain more about this hypocrism you should write more false things to hurt Statians, Fact is you can not hurt Statians, Statians are more trustful now I examine from since we migrated back to server, We bought ARBOR server from France. This server is more better than early one. Arbor requested us to use their services in order to get relax image of website. Since site got back from migration we got tripler investors from various places of the world. but there is some bad facts Statians who want to be staff should not make fake account for getting job in fact you can not get a job if refer yourself under you. Our experts watch each activity you do online while using Statelife. There are some hypocrits which are trying badly to break the image of Statelife but if you really want this I want to clear you are totally failed, Right things always get success bad things always get hell. Hypocrisms if you want buy hell for you. I still want to stop you because there is nothing end of our Statians network. We are life time as we oath, People who are real Statians should read this & tell the hypocrisms that they should get benefits from Statians Network, If hypocrisms you are truthful on your manifesto that proove that things what you say??????? You were failed to proove you will be failed always.

Group News

  Posted in HyipCoreMaestro Capital Ggroup by Admin at 18:36 pm, 31-Oct-2014
We would like to congratulate our investors who have been involved since our inception!

We would like to congratulate our investors who have been involved since our inception! Today is Halloween and the Maestro Capital Group team wants you to have a wonderful time celebrating this festival of horror and enjoy this Holiday. We would like to remind you that regardless of any Holidays and weekends, your investments keep accumulating profit with Maestro Capital Group. In more News: We've received some questions via email and live support. We would like to address some of these questions in this news report to show everybody that we have nothing to hide. The first question was regarding our statistic page of top investors. We had it in our mind to introduce this feature to the public; however, our main concern has been, and still is, that some of our investors, especially those making significant investments, want to stay private and we relate to this issue since first of Maestro Capital Group's priorities is security of our investors' funds. The second question was in reference to an early deposit made back on 23rd of October, and we would like to confess that this deposit was not made by an investor, but Maestro Capital Group from our backup wallet to check the script for any issues or vulnerabilities (such as the rerouting of payments of a higher amount to a different wallet). We would also like to inform our investors that even if there is a major vulnerability in the script or server exploit, your funds are safe with Maestro Capital Group, as all funds are always backed up and not connected to the script directly. Another concern one of our investors expressed was concerning the official date of our launch. And to be clear, we officially launched on 29th of October; therefore you can count from this point. We quickly changed this date in our statistics window to avoid further complications. An additional concern we received that we have long process times mentioned in our FAQ. We would like to inform you that this amount of time is just a window that gives our security department the time to make routine checks. Most of the time, withdrawals are processed much faster for convenience of our investors. However, we would like to change it to 12 hours in our FAQ until we have more withdrawal requests. After this, it'll require closer review to avoid any possibility of script or database intrusion. We would also like to let people know that we're planning on launching a wider promotion starting this Monday. Until then, you can enjoy RCB offering monitors we added our listings to. We also had to make some adjustments to our “2% daily forever” plan. Due to it’s flexibility it has been exposed to RCB (Referral Commission Back) abuse. You can still withdraw at any time without any penalty; However you will have to maintain your investment for 3 days in this plan. For those who invested prior to these changes feel free to contact support with request to release your funds if you wish. Our team is currently working on possibility to add several rules to the script in order to make our prior solution to work. Meanwhile you can still invest in this plan and enjoy same benefits. And once again, if you have any concerns or questions, we encourage you to contact us. We'll be more than happy to answer all of your questions! We're always looking for ways to improve our service and to make everything comfortably accessible to our investors; therefore, you're always welcome to share your ideas to improve Maestro Capital Group's performance. We would like to thank you again for choosing Maestro Capital Group as your preferred investment group. Have a marvelous holiday and weekend. Regards, Maestro Capital Group team


  Posted in HyipCoreFinMutual by Admin at 04:56 am, 21-Jun-2014
We can finally make an announcement we have been waiting to make

We can finally make an announcement we have been waiting to make. Our server was breached on Wednesday by a group of hackers. Till we were able to locate the entry point and make sure they were locked out of our systems, we refrained from announcing our server was breached. The extent of the damage was the changing of processor accounts in numerous withdrawal requests. Instead of going one by one through withdrawal requests that were pending after Wednesday's payout period to cross check processors, we have now canceled any pending withdrawal submitted after the last payout period. This also helps compress multiple requests into one so we can get back on track a little quicker. We apologize we were not able to announce this sooner, but while we were locking the server down it was important to not let the hackers know we know the breach happened. The breach was limited to just changing processor info on numerous pending withdrawals. No accounts were actually breached. Thankful ly the weekend is here and that will allow us to get back on track by the beginning of a new business week. https://finmutual.com

Maintenance Notice

10:56 am, 19-Jun-2014
We are currently conducting urgent server maintenance on multiple aspects of the website Read More »

Urgent Newsletter

10:49 am, 18-Jun-2014
We want to remind all our members again that we are only accessible from FINMUTUAL.COM Read More »


10:43 am, 04-Jun-2014
We deeply apologize for the up and down status of our website on Monday Read More »

300 Days Online

11:08 am, 22-May-2014
We celebrate 300 days online today. Read More »


14:10 pm, 19-May-2014
We apologize for the small amount of downtime earlier today due to another issue Read More »


21:06 pm, 17-May-2014
We apologize for the downtime earlier today for a few hours. Read More »

FinMutual Maintenance

10:14 am, 09-May-2014
We are conducting maintenance on our website throughout the evening through Friday afternoon Read More »

Support Tickets

10:55 am, 06-May-2014
We need to mention again to our users that it is very important you do not submit more than one support ticket at a time Read More »

Updated Bonus Schedule

03:29 am, 05-May-2014
Please accept our apology. Our updated bonus schedule email scheduled to send out on Friday for our weekly Bonus schedule Read More »

Updated Deposit Bonus Schedule

05:09 am, 26-Apr-2014
Here is our updated schedule for our variable deposit bonus system from today Read More »

SolidTrustPay Verification and Compliance

05:08 am, 26-Apr-2014
We received some inquiries since yesterday regarding SolidTrustPay Read More »

Bonus System and STP Verification

10:44 am, 25-Apr-2014
We received an overwhelming amount of support tickets with a few popular questions in the majority of them regarding STP Read More »


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